Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hard Time For Me.

To day,I'm not finish my book yet.So I decide to sharing some thing about myshelf.Do you known how come I pick the title name is "The Hard Time For Me"?. I'll tell you right now.I was marry since 2004 and I've been here for just 3 years.The first year in here was so hard for me because US had so much diffirent from Vietnam and the hardest for me was language.I knew English a litle befor I came here but it was still too hard to me.I coudn'd hear and talk very well and I was so worry about driving a car also.Everything was new to me but now I am getting better and better.I'm so happy about that but I have another broblem with myself.I used to want to be a teacher when I was in Highschool.So now I want to back to school but English is still shaking to me. I don't have much time for learning English.I have to work 6 days a week and 9-10 hours a day.That's why I'm so tired,I realy need more time to rest.I'm try to do the best I can in Eiglish class for my dream. I believe God will give me some power to past the hard time like rightnow

Christmas Tree Tumbling

All day long I've gotten on my one-year-old son for messing with the Christmas tree. Well later on that night we were all doing our own stuff, and I was at the table looking at the mail. All of a sudden here came the Christmas tree tumbling down on him. I was so scared because I had glass balls all over the tree. Well I got the tree off of him and he looked at me and laughed. So Jessy got in big trouble and went to bed.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

~~The Little Time We Have~~

I'm reading one of the saddest stories. What can we do when we find out that our mother has very little time to live? What can we say to ease her pain? In this book, the husband is the type of person that doesn't like to express what he feels. Can we hide in our own little world when we feel so much pain? I've been thinking about what's worst to lose them in seconds, or to be told that your love one has little time to live. It will always be painful to lose them either way. A wound that will never heal.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Constitution

I found a cool Powerpoint presentation about the Six Principles of the US Constitution. If you want to see it, follow the link, and then click each time you are done reading and are ready to go on. I hope you enjoy it! It's all information that we read about on Tuesday. Which of these principles do you think is the most important? Why?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

If I Forget, You Remember

When I saw this book I liked it, because the picture on the front is so sweet. I started to read but in the beginning was so hard for me, a lot of new words to me. This book talks about a special girl who loves reading and writing some history with very imagination on the real life too. The girl's name is Elyse and in her life was some problems. Her dad died and she's feeling so sad about this. She lives with her mom and sister. She tries to understand her sister but she can't because "She is perfect" Elyse said. Elyse has a grandma and she loves her. She is so worried about her grandma's health, because Elyse's mom told her and explain about grandma condition "Alzheimer". When I read this book I try to imagined everything she said. I'm not finished yet, but I like so much and I hope I can finish all the story pretty soon... When I read this book I could see the real life. Because one of your family have this condition (Alzheimer) everything change in their life. This specific family changed there regular schedule, routine and hobby everything for love. But you know what? Is very hard and the family feeling sad emotion because they can't understand. Everybody cooperated, and when feeling so bad just some big hug can relieve. I love this book so much.

He Chose You

I read the book He Chose You By Max Lucado. This book is very interesting because it is so realistic. I enjoy so much reading, I learned much, now I know God chose you not you chose God, and when you read this book you feel more peaceful. You can know all the time your aren't alone; however, if you felt alone the only thing you need to do is pray and in that moment you know He is with you. The book has many stories about people who have problems exactly everybody else. One of the stories I loved is talking about a girl who is a ballet dancer, so she is very tall and she can't find a dance partner,and in her the school she has to have a partner, so she was a christian person and she pray and she said to God -"Why if I'm your daughter, if I serve you don't give me a partner". But her mother always told her she was special -"God make you special and if He wants you to be tall, He knows for what". When the time past she was angry with God for all, and she almost quit, but her teacher told her about other school where she can go and doesn't need partner. She went to the other school and she was the best ballet dancer than everybody else, and in that moment she knew God made her special. And this story taught me when you have a problem just think the people who loves God all the things will help you to be a better person.
I hope many people read this book it is excellent.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Contemporary Reader

I was reading this book called The Contemporary Reader . I was so surprised about the way they used to take the mail to all the little towns. They didn't have any automobiles in those days, so they had to use cowboys and horses.

"What I Read Last Night"

I'm reading a book and it's called Old Mother West Wind and the author is Thornton Burgess. This is what I read last night: Reddy fox wanted to scared Johnny Chuck and then ran after him, but he got a big surprise when the little animal(Johnny Chuck) just stood in front of big Reddy fox and looked at him with no fear at all. Reddy fox just ran away and left Johnny Chuck alone. I learned by reading this book, that people shouldn't be afraid of being small or how they are. We should be proud of ourselves and be happy so we can enjoy our lives.

The Shoplifting Game

The book's name is The Shoplifting Game. This book was talking about the shoplifting young women.I realy liked this book because I can learn very much from the stealing girls.That's mean "don't take the things that not yours".For me just spent whatever you can make.If we do somthing like that girls,we will be the bad person.So don't do that forever.


THANKSGIVING. It's an American holiday. The whole family gets together to celebrate.That holiday is American tradition.

Snow Bound

The autor of Snow Bound is Harry Mazer. I want to read this book because is a fiction. And I can imagine some things that I can not do. And the weather is like a place where I born. This is a fifteen years boy, Tony Laporte is what many people would call a thoroughly spoiled kid. He gets away with a lot because his parents want him to have all the things they never had. But when they surprise him by refusing to let him keep a stray dog he has found, Tony decides to teach them a lesson by running off in his mother's old car. Driving without a license in the middle of a severe snowstorm, he picks up a hitchhiker named Cindy Reichert,an aloof girl who has always had difficulty forming friendships. To impress Cindy, Tony tries to show off his driving skills and ends up wrecking the car in a very desolate area far from the main highway. After spending precious days bickering with each other and waiting for rescue that never comes, they finally realize that their lives are at stake and they must cooperate. Can they survive?

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

I am reading a book called Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman Queen of the May,by Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna. The story starts in Colorado Springs where there is a lady doctor. Her name is Michaela Quinn. Dr.Quinn and Colleen her daughter have not been able to spend much time together. For the towns people have come down with the grippe. Dr.Mike has been putting in 12hrs a day, so one of the ladies from town took over for a little bit. Dr. Mike and Colleen can have some time together to talk about May day festival.

The Nancy Drew Files

I think this book is interesting because she has to investigate something about jet stream aviation. The title of the book is The Nancy Drew Files . I like this kind of books because it is about something to solve.


I just finished reading the book of the Night of the Living Dummy.It is a scary book. It is about these two girls that they always want to have the same things. One day one of the twins found a dummy at the trash can and call it Slappy. She starts practicing with the dummy so her sister wants a dummy too.
They both have a dummy. These dummies come alive and start scaring the girls. Their parents don't believe them. They are on their own to make the dummies leave from the girl's house. It's a book that keeps me reading it. That's why I like to read scary books, because they keep me interested in the story, and I can read more books instead of watch television.

The Field Guide

I am reading a book series called The Spiderwick Chronicles.It has three main charicters.Mallory,Jared and Simon.They are children that lived in the city, but had to moved to the country.The children pulled up to this big old scary house.
Well this book is really funny and great for children.And I dont like to read ,but I would suggest you to read it.

**~Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons~**

I can't remember the last time I read a book this thick. I was drawn to it by its title Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik. This book is about a group of housewives living in the same neighborhood and creating a book club. These five ladies get together for a meeting once they've all finished the book that they've read. One of the many things I love about this book is how these characters are so united and show their friendship to one another,with words and most importantly with actions. Full of obstacles to be accomplished.

About My Books

I am reading a book series call The Spiderwick Chronicles.I have finished book number one called The Field Guide. The setting of the story changed from NY to an old house that stood alone. The main characters are three kids named Jared, Mallory, and Simon. Jared and Simon are identical twins and Mallory is their older sister. My favorite chapter was chapter four "In Which There Are Answers, Although Not Necessarily to the Right Questions". It was favorite chapter because Mallory's hair gets tied into knots to her bed posts and the kids didn't know who did it or even why they did it. However, Jared got into a lot of trouble for it. I am now on book number two. I just started the book. This one is called The Seeing Stone. I would tell you about it but I haven't read enough. I think if you have trouble with reading you would really like The Spiderwick Chronices.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Ivis!

Hey LeQuisha

Hi LeQuisha how are you and the baby? I hope you two are doing great and loving it out there. I hope you send us pictures of him. Keep in touch with us and take care. Also dont forget check the comments to see if anyone else has told you some thing.


This weekend was special, but not at all. This last Saturday it was my birthday. I turned 20. I made up some food and a cake for my family and I to celebrate it. I even bought a pinata for my little cousins so they can have some fun. It was just my family who were there in my house celebrating with me and it was good. I liked it. First of all we sat down to eat some food. It was delicious. Then my cousins broke the pinata. It was fun! because all of them went on the floor to pick up candies that I have put in inside. After we did all of that we went back to the table where the cake was so I can cut it and blew the candles so I can make a wish. My wish was very special. It was something that I wished all days (but I can't tell because it will not become real then). My birthday suppose to be fun and special and it was for one way, but for the other it was not, because a person that I love with all my heart wasn't there with me in that day and that made me so sad. He called me that day early in the morning to congratulate me for my birthday, but I still was too sad about it. My mom and my uncle congratulated me also in the morning and even my grandmas called me from Mexico. I was very happy that they remembered my birthday, but also was very sad. I wished that my husband were there with me, but he couldn't make it. I missed him so much and that's what made me sad, I hope he come back soon! Well that was my weekend. How about yours?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The three mosqueters

The story tha I read learned that when someone tries its best it reaches its goals and it makes you feel proud of yourself.

Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18?

In 1984 the United States passed a law to raise the drinking age to 21 years of age. Since the inception of this law, the ongoing question has been "Should the legal drinking age be lowered back to 18 or should it remain at 21?"
One Special Interest Group in favor of keeping the drinking age at 21 is MADD-Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that 18,220 lives have been saved due to an increased drinking age. Many adults feel the 18-21 age group cannot handle drinking responsibly, and therefore should NOT be permitted to do so. A group in favor to lowering the drinking age is LAFAA- Legalize Alcohol for all Adults. Their goal is lower the drinking age from 21-18, and to educate the public on responsible drinking. LAFAA belives that if you can vote,own a gun,drive,be drafted,sign legal documents,be sentenced to death or life in prison,and die for your country then you should have the right to have an alcoholic drink. Is the drinking age in America Unconstitutional???. Is it a form of age discrimination???. What do you think America should it remain at 21,or lowered to 18??.


Being in school is a sacrifice to kids from Elementary school to high school. Kids and teenagers do not like school because they have to wake up so early, and some others do not like the idea to be in school all day. They think it's so boring. I don't know why they don't like to be in school for my opinion school is a good thing to do instead of working (well work is a good thing to do too, but I think finish the school first and then go to work will be better). Some teenagers leave the school to go to work. This happened to my brother-in-law. He was in school, he was a student of high school when he left it and at the same time when he was leaving the school I was doing the paper work to go in and I was thinking "How can he is leaving the school and I'm trying to get back to school". That's too sad that the people that have the opportunity to be in school leave it for no reason at all and the people who want to be in it have to pass for a long paper work and test to go in. I loved school. I like to try new things and I like when I don't understand something I like to do it until I get it. My favorite subject is Math. I like numbers. I left school also, but it was not because I wanted to it, it was because I had my baby. I was in eleventh grade when I get pregnant. I was so worried about it because when I got together with my husband he and I were thinking to finish school first and then have babies, but it didn't happen like that. Well he finished but I didn't. Well I got pregnant and I continued to go to school, but then I had my baby and then when she was born I didn't have anybody to take care of her and that's why I didn't have the chance to get back until now. Now I'm back to school and I'm trying to get the GED so I can be proud of myself and do my goals. The last thing that I want to do is to give an advice to all of you that are in school. Keep going in school-you will have more opportunities if you finish. DON'T YOU THINK?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A fun trip

It is fun to take a weekend, for a vacation. This weekend I took a vacation and drove for 13 hours and my son was very inpatient and he asked me all the time, "Are we there yet?" (like the donkye in the movie Sherk), if you will do this is better if you take some medicine like an aspirine for a headache because all the time you get a headache on a trip. When you are going to make a long trip, try to enjoy all the way and take many pictures and when the time past and you look at the pictures you are going to remember all the trip and will enjoy it like the first time. I took like 100 pictures in this trip.
This is a good way to relax and have fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Introducing Freedom of Voice

back row: Myrna, Refugio, Lorena, Jose, Dayra
front row: Ivis, Lequisha, Sara
center: Sue
not pictured: Adriana, Amanda, Martha, Retha

Monday, October 29, 2007

Remenbering the Good Thing in Life.

It is easier to give advice that to put it into practice. Changing your attitude toward certain situation takes a lot of time, especially when yourself esteem is low.
When you decide to change your behavior, you should go forward enthusiastically and persistently, and with determination and dedication. Then, and only then, will you get good results.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today I am really tired for no reason at all. How are you feeling today?

Why do we live in a violent world?

In today's world, families all over the world experience either rape, abuse, and robbery within 24 hours. If you watch the news in the morning the first thing they talk about is the killings in America. Most killings are in the family that you really don't expect or think is going to ever happen to. In today's modern day people get shot by guns to resolve their anger towards other people. Tell me what you think and why.

My love, My love, My love

Everybody misses their family when they are not with them, now something like this is happening to me. I miss my husband and I haven't see him for three weeks and I want to tell him how much I love him. I LOVE YOU MY LOVE AND I HOPE YOU COME BACK SOON!!!

My Children

My children are my world. That is what makes me get up every morning.

Are you miss your family?

Some times for many reasons the families live in a diferent places, can be countries or states. But every body has some family far away.
So this is advice: When you feel sad and miss your family just call and tell them how much you love them. And you will feel better.

Trails in the Springs

I recently went on a hike with my daughter and other people. We walked for about 8 miles. I really enjoyed it.

have fun

Today we can go to the park. We can do something different just for fun. I really like to stay out side and I enjoy the mountains.

Your Children............

When you are parents,you always wish and want the best for their lives. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially when they make bad choices with future detrimental consequences. That's why I think the communication constantly with God is the better way to keep your children with a mind clear and sound.

my son and his friend.

My son and his friend like to play to much, my son's friends name is David. My son is eight years old and his friend is seven. They ride bikes together.

What's wrong with our kids today?

This is to ask everyone in the world what they think is wrong with our kids? I'm a mother who loves her kids and grand-kids, but I see all kinds of problems with the kids now days. And I want to help . So I'm asking any one to help me understand, what's going on in our kid's minds? So maybe there is away to help them before anything happens to them. So let me hear from anyone who can think of ways to help our kids grow into better adults. thank you,and I'll be waiting for your comments.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I created this blog in order to expand our classroom community beyond its four walls, and to give my adult students a chance to write for a real audience. The digital divide is so vast; this is one humble teacher's attempt to cross the chasm.
My students collaborated for over 20 minutes before deciding on the title for their blog. I love it! Don't you?