Thursday, April 24, 2008

My - Teacher

Her name is Sue. I have never had a teacher as great as her. She is the type of teacher that makes learning fun. She makes us all dig deep inside of ourselves. Sue makes us look further into ourselves for the answers. God has blessed her with a talent that many teachers do not have. Which is keeping learning fun, and making you want to learn. I feel that my classmates and I are fortunate to have her as our teacher. I'm so excited to have Sue as my teacher because I finally have reached that place in my life. That I really want to get this part of my life accomplished, and further my education. So Sue I am so thankful to you for giving me the desire back in my heart to achieve my dreams and goals in my life. And for putting determination back in my heart to succeed at accomplishing this part of my life finally.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi every one,this is Giang Hoang.I haven't see you since March 20.I really missed school,teacher and you guys.Because I got sick for 3 week and I've been tired almost every day.That's why I skipped school for that long.However,I like school,I love Sue(my great teacher).I feel better now, hopefully I will see you next week.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Perfect Gift

Four years ago we looked for a pet for the family. We wanted a small dog because we lived in an apartment and we didn't have space for a big pet. My sister's neighbour was selling little Chihuahuas. We went to her house, but we couldn't find anything and we kept looking.

Finally one day after my daughter's birthday my husband came back home after his work with a small dog in his arms. My husband found it in a construction site and she was very scared and hungry.

It was dog abuse. She was skinny and she hid under the bed all the time. She had a lot of scratches on her head and she had no whiskers and she didn't like to eat dog food just chips and some things like that.

We went to the vet for a check if she had a microchip, but she didn't have anything and they gave her a shot for the rabies and her weight it was just 3 pounds. We were thinking about a small beautiful name like her and we chose the name of Susi. She took 3 weeks to understand us in Spanish and her name.

Now Susi is the most spoiled dog of the world. She's a little ugly, but very sweet and she loves her new family. The animals have feelings like us just they need talk.

Take care of them with love.

I'm So Excited!

My husband has finally made it home I have not seen him since October third. It gets very hard for me sometimes he is away so much from home. But when you really and truely love someone with all of your heart and soul. God gives us the strenght to stand and go thru hard and trying times. We are in the process of buying a house we are looking forward to the closing of the house next week. I'm feeling really blessed in my life right now. God has been really good to me in my life. But more importantly I'm so excited! that I'm going to have my husband at home for a few months this will be the most time I have spent with him in about three years. And it feels great! So out of going to school and working and moving, but most of all my husband being home. I have so many things to be excited! about.

For My Comments

Hi every one today I just want to say, thanks for yours comments. I hope you guys liked, I know many of you don't know me. However, you took the time to answer what I posted. And I very happy to see all your comments. By the way some times my spelling is not correct, but I try to do my best and you know ENGLISH is my second language and is very hard for me. But a least I try you know.