Thursday, May 15, 2008


On this day I just want to say all of my classmates and teacher, thanks and this was a great year been studying with all of you. All of you were so helpful to me some of you with the computer, spelling, fractions, or just with a sweet hello or a happy smile. I hope all of you have a great vacation time, and I hope to see all of you next year here. Enjoy those months and comeback to school, see you here.

I am so Proud---

That I have succefully completed what I started with me and school. I know that I have not gotten my GED as of yet. But I'm still hanging in there, and I'm going to be coming to summer school. I rememeber several times in my life where I gave up, and did not follow thru on my goals and dreams. I am so proud of myself for still hanging in here. This has been truely the most important thing in my life, and the most hardest for me to get accomplished. I have never ever been the type of person to quit or give up on something that was important to me. So I do not know why I have made this such a difficult task for myself to get completed in my life. As of this moment forward this will be a priority of mine to complete in my life. I'm not going to let anything or anyone stop me this time around. For the first time in a long time I'm proud of me, and what I'm getting accomplished in my life for me. And so thank you once again my teacher for having the gifts that you have making learning fun. Oh and have a great summer with your family.

My City

Cd.Juarez it's my city. The city where I was born. I miss my city, I have a lot good memories from there. My school days was the best time that I remember. I had many friends and a lot fun. And I always want to go back to visit Juarez.

But is incredible the place where I was born. I can't go now bacause I feel unsure for me and my kids. The last times that I went, I was sacared, There was a lot of violence, people die every day and the biggest tragedy that I think that the people know or hear something about Juarez. The 400 ladies that died in the last 15 years and nobody knows who kill the ladies.

I have to acknowledge that my city is every time more dangerous. A lot of people are marching because we want to stop a lot violence and t ladies still dying. But the goverment never know nothing and never does anything. but anyway I miss my city and every time that I could go, I'm going to be there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So this is it. The end of our journey. Here is your homework for the summer:

1. Read good books
2. Write in your journal
3. Post and comment on the blog

This year, your class has published a total of 83 posts on Freedom of Voice! This is totally AMAZING! I am so proud of you for your courage to take on something new, for sharing your stories so openly, and for being willing to share them with the world. I look forward to seeing some new posts during the summer. If you want to save them first as a draft, I will check them over for you before publishing. I will check the blog daily and hope to keep in touch with you this way. I'm going to take some pictures of our potluck today, and I will post them next week. So be sure to check in!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish Graciela good luck on finishing up her last two GED tests next week. Good luck Graciela!!

Ivis will be taking her first test on May 20th! Good luck Ivis!!

Also, Adriana, who started in our class in September and moved on to GED in December, graduated on Tuesday night! Congratulations, Adriana!!

Thank you, everyone, for making it a joy for me to come to work every day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Excellent Partner

After I got married, my life was a big change. Three years ago, my husband brought me to America. I got really hard time but he was great man, so I felt very happy about him. At the time I felt so bad when I just moved here,he helped me to be strong. He let me do everything by myself, and he pushed me to the way, "Growing up with whatever I know and I learn". That way I could know about here faster.

In 2005, two months after I moved here. He drove me to school of district 2 with some help for my English. He said, "Language is the most important for people who live here from other countries." However, he knew school is the best place to learn or study English. Again, he told me, "If I wasn't too old,I would have studied English better." And, "I would have more time for school if I hadn't working on two jobs." That's why he wanted me to speak and understand English much as I can.

After two years, I've been in Harrison school. I felt much better about English, so I just wanted to stop school right there. But my husband tried to make me continue on school. He didn't let me stop, he kept pushing me to not cut off school. However, I was so tired at work, I had too many things need to do at home that's why you know? Until now I can't come to school very often, but I am so happy with what I got. I think, "If my husband didn't help me to kept going to school, I wouldn't have understand English as good as like right now."

Thanks so much to my husband(my great partner). And thanks a lot to people and teachers working in Harrison school. I love them very, very, ... much. I will try to go to school next year again.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Perfect Gift For Me

Hello Everybody!

I want to finish my story about a surprise to me from my husband. Guess what? It is true. My husband brought me such a big and wonderful surprise, My Mom. This is the perfect gift for me. I don't want to go to Disney, I don't want a cruise, I don't want one million dollars. I just want my beautiful mom, her hug, her company. When she arrived she called me and she said: "Lymaris I'm so sorry I couldn't call you before because my cell phone had no signal in the plane." In this moment I felt my heart stop and I couldn't speak more. In just a second my mom says:"Lymaris open the door and come with mami!" I couldn't believe it! My husband brought my mom to me! I opened the door and I saw my beautiful mami with a lot of tears in her eyes and me too. I prepared to have an incredible time with her and I couldn't forget my dad too, but you know? Mami is mami. Well, it was only two weeks, but it was a fantastic time of my life. I will never forget my husband's intentions and his sweet love to me and the big one, see my mom again! Thank you my love :)

Madera Chihuahua

The place where I born is a small town with 50,000 people living there.

It's a beautiful place with big mountains around, the weather is cold when the snow comes some times we have 2 feet of snow. The awful weather is from October to April so we have only four months of hot weather.

We have two rivers, you have to drive for three hours in the forest to arrive there and you can enjoy, they have a suspension bridges. We have another beautiful place the name is "Las 40 Casas". This place is where the ancestors lived. You have to go down to the hill and then up they are in the middle of the mountain. It's hard to visit because you have to walk 20 minutes, but really this place is amazing.

You can take a picture of the shiny blue sky and you can hear the different birds singing and the variety of animals in the ground. If you are lucky you can see a bear, but don't do anything to call his attention just walk to your car.

It's pleasant when you have the opportunity to live in a place like that. I take care of them because one day my daughter and my son will meet that gorgeous place.


The day when we had to expose, our teacher told us we had to expose in front of the classroom, I started to shake. The great thing was we all had to expose. This time was fun because we can see each other, how we talk, and we can correct the things that were wrong.
I'm happy for all the things that Sue made us do, this year was the year when I learned more than the other ones.
However, everytime when I will see this pictures I will laugh from this great day and I'm never going to forget how nervous I was.
Enjoy the pictures guys!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


This school year has been great. Meeting everyone for the first time. At first I was scared and as time went on I understood. I wasn't the only one we all were and you all have been great this year. I will have a piece of you in my heart and soul. Knowing we all were scared not just me." Thank you for a great year."


A lot people are proud to be mexican,I'm. We never forgot our traditions, culture and food. Even thow we are living here for better education for our kids, work or simply for better life. We never forget our Mexico Lindo y Querido.

I Found Something Special

Hello! Today I want to talk you about my Springs Break. Well, the last two weeks I have tried to have a good time with my four kids. I couldn't go to a special place because my husband worked, but I had a funny time and made everything they wanted.

In my Springs Break I found something special. When I looked at my bank account I saw something wrong.(I thought) I felt very nervous and I talked with my husband, but when I saw his face I thought something had happened. Well, I discovered his surprise to me. I don't know what it is, but you remembered my story?

I want to see my mom or visit my Puerto Rico :) Well I discovered my husband bought two airlines tickets to New York and only he said, "I have a surprise for you, just you need to wait for it and don't ask about." Oh my God! Can you imagine my emotion? I don't know what will happen, but I am feeling my heart beat at a hundred miles per hour. I think I'm very close to my mom, more that I can imagine. The story continue...!


On the week of spring break, we had a very amazing "picnic day" at the Memorial Park. My daughter, my son, my friend's daughter and me. I prepared sandwiches in the morning and I took the kids there. When we were there, the two girls liked to do the same things at the same time. They were following each other all the time. When my daughter tried to scramble to reach the slide, Isabelle (my daughter's friend) tried to do the same thing at the same time, but it was too narrow for two girls. They just got off and dashed to take the steps up to reach that big slide, then they wanted to slide at the same time too. I warned them about the injuries if they got stuck up there. Finally they decided to take turns on each place. When they were hungry they asked me if they could eat their sandwiches. They were so tired and Gisselle (my daughter) whispered to me, "It's your turn to play we can take care of my brother now."

close to the end

We are getting close to the end of the school year. Our last day of class is Thursday, May 15th. I have mixed emotions about this. Part of me is excited for summer vacation, and the other part of me will miss you. Creating this blog together has been an amazing experience as I have watched you grow as both as writers and computer users. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Keep posting stories and comments over the summer, and we can keep in touch!