Thursday, May 1, 2008


This school year has been great. Meeting everyone for the first time. At first I was scared and as time went on I understood. I wasn't the only one we all were and you all have been great this year. I will have a piece of you in my heart and soul. Knowing we all were scared not just me." Thank you for a great year."


Evelia said...

Lucinda, what you post here is true, we all were afraid the first days, and I have to thank you for all your inconditional help, when we have questions, you are always there to help us, you are so smart, and helpful.

Graciela said...

Lucinda, that happened to me too when I started in Sue's class.
Some times I was afraid of speak because my first language is Spanish but now I really don't care if I say something wrong, all I care is that I am practicing my English, I miss you all guys, and I see you soon in the next class.

sue said...

Even though we're all adults now and not kids, it seems that school is still so much more fun when you have friends! :-)

Anonymous said...


I shared your opinion, this year was very fruitful for all of us, we learn a lot with our great teacher Sue, we still sharing knowledges between each other and all that make us better inglish speaker.