Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Excellent Partner

After I got married, my life was a big change. Three years ago, my husband brought me to America. I got really hard time but he was great man, so I felt very happy about him. At the time I felt so bad when I just moved here,he helped me to be strong. He let me do everything by myself, and he pushed me to the way, "Growing up with whatever I know and I learn". That way I could know about here faster.

In 2005, two months after I moved here. He drove me to school of district 2 with some help for my English. He said, "Language is the most important for people who live here from other countries." However, he knew school is the best place to learn or study English. Again, he told me, "If I wasn't too old,I would have studied English better." And, "I would have more time for school if I hadn't working on two jobs." That's why he wanted me to speak and understand English much as I can.

After two years, I've been in Harrison school. I felt much better about English, so I just wanted to stop school right there. But my husband tried to make me continue on school. He didn't let me stop, he kept pushing me to not cut off school. However, I was so tired at work, I had too many things need to do at home that's why you know? Until now I can't come to school very often, but I am so happy with what I got. I think, "If my husband didn't help me to kept going to school, I wouldn't have understand English as good as like right now."

Thanks so much to my husband(my great partner). And thanks a lot to people and teachers working in Harrison school. I love them very, very, ... much. I will try to go to school next year again.


sue said...

You are so lucky to have a husband who supports you and pushes you to go on. I know not everyone has this. I can't believe how much you have learned and how well you can write after only a few years.

Lilly said...

Dear Giang; I'm so happy for you ever in ours life God send some angel. Your angel are you husband.

Jim Thomsen said...

Congratulations on finding people who support you and lovingly push you to do better and be better. For people who speak and write well, and keep improving, lots of great doors are open — good jobs, good friends. And the more you learn, the less you fear. And the less you fear, the greater your chances of getting just what you want.

Graciela said...

Giang; like everybody said, you are lucky to have a husband like that one because in this times is very rare to find some one that help you a lot.