Thursday, May 8, 2008


The day when we had to expose, our teacher told us we had to expose in front of the classroom, I started to shake. The great thing was we all had to expose. This time was fun because we can see each other, how we talk, and we can correct the things that were wrong.
I'm happy for all the things that Sue made us do, this year was the year when I learned more than the other ones.
However, everytime when I will see this pictures I will laugh from this great day and I'm never going to forget how nervous I was.
Enjoy the pictures guys!


Graciela said...

Mirna, you are very smart and whatever you want to do you can do it, however are you still jealous?
Ivis pass already social studies,writing, and science two more tests for her to pass, and we can go to celebrate, that means Martha, Ivis, you, and me. Of course if someone else wants to go with us is more than welcome.

myrna said...

thanks for your comment. I
know I cant do whatever than I want if I put some effort exacly like you did and thas why I'm proud of you. However when you girls go out call me.

Graciela said...

As soon as I know if Ivis pass her tests, I call you, because I just came back from Mexico and I don't know what happened with Ivis.