Thursday, February 28, 2008

updated photo!

Our class has changed a a bit over the past few months since we started this blog. Some students have left. Others have arrived. It's just part of the process. Here is an updated photo of our class:

Front: Bernardette, Esperanza, Martha
Middle: Myrna, Lorena, Ivis, Evelia, Lilly, Lucinda
Back: Graciela, Jennifer, Dayra
Not Pictured: Refugio, Giang, Karl

computer lab

Here are some photos from the computer lab, where we do most of our blogging. Some students have computers and internet access in their homes, and so they can post and comment from there. Most, however, use this one hour a week to read and write and connect with each other through the power of their stories.

Best Vacation Ever........

was when my Husband and I and my Grandson went to California. We all had such a great time traveling in the car Because we had rented a car to travel. And it was an eighteen hour drive to reach our destination. Finally we stopped to rest in Las Vegas for a night, and continued on in the morning. It was such a great trip, because my Grandson got the chance to meet one of his great Grandmothers he never met. Also he got a chance to meet cousins and play and have himself a wonderful and marvelous time. I got such a joy to see him playing from sun up to sun down, non- stop. Every night as soon as his head hit the pillow, he would fall right to sleep. It was also such a joy for me and my Husband to be able to spend time together because he works over seas, and so he is gone most of the time. When he comes home he always tries to take us on a Vacation some where to visit relatives. From all the Vacations I have taken in my life, that one was by far the best ever.


When I was a child my bedroom was unique because I shared it with my mom, the space in the room and the view.

My mom and I were sharing the room when my dad died. We slept together in the same bed so it was very good because I wasn't scared anymore at night time and my mom hugged me when I was sleeping.

Then when my mother was working during the day I pretended I was the lady of the house because the room was huge and had only the bed in it. I had a lot of space to play and made my own little house with the blankets of the bed.

Finally the view of the bedroom was the thing I liked most because in the morning the sun came in through the window, and warmed up the room. Outside in the street the neighbors were sweeping the part of the street in front of their houses.

Because I was sharing the room with my mom, the huge space in the bedroom was my space to play, and because the view of the room every day, my bedroom was unique and spectacular to me.


Michelle is my little girl. She is five years old. Before she was born I went to Mexico and I visited the doctor for an ultrasound. I was seven months pregnant, I had to wait for results like two hours and I remember that I was very nervous, but finally the doctor came out and told me that my baby was a girl. Imagine my happiness when I heard that, was my first girl. I already had two boys. When I came back, I began to buy everything for my girl. That day she was born, I remember I was so excited,I couldn't believe it.

When they asked me about the name, I answered, "Michelle" without doubting it. I always said that when I have a baby girl her name was going to be Michelle.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Talk to them in a straight-forward way, using simple words. Be direct and call everything by its name, without beating around the bush or going to extremes. Sometimes you might feel anxious or embarrassed by some of their questions and want to change the subject. Never do that because it will only confuse them.

Show an interest in whatever they tells you. It is especially important not to judge them, laugh at them, or be sarcastic. Find the necessary time to talk with them when they asks. If there is some reason you can't talk right away and you promise to do it later, never break your promise.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Can Make the Difference

When I was ten years old, I had a friend, and her name was Mercedes. She was taller than me. The reason that I made a friendship with her was because no body in the class wanted to talk or play with her because she was very poor.

With the passing of the years we became best friends. After a few years she stopped her education because she had no money to continue, and I started my middle school education. Since then I have no idea what happened with her. After that I went to middle school, and three years later, I came to the United States of America, and never saw her again. I still remember her and our good times together as friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Target Shootig

Does any body like hunting? I do! I don't have any big gage gans for hanting big animals,only one 22 remington rifle that was given to me on a birthday by one of my brothers-in law.When there is nice wether,and we have some extra time we all go to a ranch in Rush.This ranch belongs to my brother-in law,so that's the reason we go often to this plase in Rush. I also work for him part time,that is why I'am allways busy,but I like it I get to drive all over town,I also like going to hunt rabits or any other small animals, and do target shooting I enjoy it.


My mom always asks me,"Why do you write things about me."
And I answer her,"Because I love you and admire you."  

She moved from Mexico to live in Vail six years ago. I was living there, too. But I had to come live here in Colorado Springs. She calls me very often, and she tells me how much she misses me. I miss her a lot too, and I think we can keep close by calling every night. I know, we are 10 kids in the family! But she has a special place in her heart for each of us.

Can you imagine leaving your Enchanting Island ?

Wow!! This question is so hard and sad to me. Well let me start. I miss everything. But one of these things are my family. I miss just to kiss my mom. Really I need her hug, and her words to me. I talk with her everyday, but it is not enough for me. This is the big one.

The other things I miss are the hot weather, the beautiful and blue beaches, and the fresh air of the mountain with amazing flowers. The smell is incredible, and in the night the songs of "Del Coqui". The "Coqui" is a native animal of Puerto Rico, like a frog, but so special because in the night or if it rains he starts to sing, "coqui, coqui, coqui". Well, I can't believe it! When you have left everything, your family and your country, because you have no choice.

In my case, I left my Puerto Rico because my husband had a big health problem. His heart aorta was broken and his heart valve didn't work very well. It was time to leave everything and go to obtain treatment in the United States and thank God for this because this changed my life and my family's life to more suitable and my husband is better. He is like a miracle. I miss my Enchanting Island Puerto Rico, but I'm blessed with the life of my husband!

My Brother Dreams

I feel so pleased for my brother. He joined in to the Air Force. That was his dream. When he was in school he always said,"I want to go to the Air Force!"

When he finished high school, he couldn't. Finally his dream came true now that he is 23 years old. He wants to go to the Air Force to have a career so he wants to be a doctor. He is single and he doesn't have children.

He doesn't want to right now, he just wants to finish his career first. He is in basic training in Lacklan AFB TX. My mom was almost going to go to Mexico before his graduation, which will be next month. I told my mom she couldn't miss the moment. She will feel so proud of her son. I hope we can go.

The Baby Monster

Do you want to know about a baby in a monster body?

Frankenstein was a baby in a monster body and he wants love, he requires a family like any one.

Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who assembled the monster from dead bodies. He looks terrible! His skin color was purple, he had oozy eyes and the bones were cracking.

Victor Frankenstein was terrified because the monster was smiling at him, but the man didn't see a smile; he saw the jawbones moving. The scientist ran out of his house. He fell more than one time, but he stood up and ran faster more than he can.

The monster was walking looking for his father and he needed to learn how to eat, how to drink just watching the animals. He came to a small town, but the people were afraid. The people of the town wanted to destroy him and an old woman threw boiling water at his face. Now he was scared of people too, but you have to read it to know the end of the story.

My Secret place...........

has always been my bedroom, anytime I was sad or in trouble, because my mom had placed me on punishment. So therefore, I was unable to go out and play. I would always take to my room, and there I would be in my own little world where I would find myself playing with all my toys and dolls. So if I got downhearted by the fact that I had no one to play with me. Here I am an adult in life, and I still find my bedroom to be my secret place in my life. It is there that I find time for me to just be still for a brief moment. It is there that when life becomes harsh, as it often times does. I take to my secret place to regroup and be with God. It is in him that I find my strength to continue on in this place called life.

* My Own House to Play *

"I don't want to leave my little house!" I cried to my mom.

My parents didn't have their own house, so we lived in a rental all my young life.
I remember one house that we had with one room to put the toys. My sister and I played in there numeruos times. Inside that room, we had big house formed by wood that we could play inside of. It was like a tree house, but it was inside. The house had a little kitchen and a dining room. It was so amazing. However we spent all the time in there.

I didn't have brothers and my dad always wanted a boy. He bought us, just toys for boys: swords, cars, bike, balls,but nothing for girls so we loved this house!

The disaster was when we moved to another house, and my mom said,"We can't keep it."
"It's not fair!" I yelled.

My sister and I cried all day, actually all week! Finally we tried to play with my dad's toys.

This is my best toy I had in my all life, I love it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

beaches and blogging

Sometimes I read what you all write about your vacations to the beaches in Mexico and other Central American countries, and I find myself daydreaming about a little cabana somewhere down south. Some place where the sun shines, the water is warm, and you can forget about your worries for awhile. Maybe I'll get there someday.

Until then, I want to teach you how to post an image from the Internet onto one of your stories. Follow the directions I'm going to give you carefully, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to "illustrate" your stories. Good luck, and as always, ask questions!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you Like Read this Small Story?

I was talking with my daughter about my classes and she asked me if she could write something for everyone in my classroom, I said let me ask my teacher, but you can write me something for me and I will put it in my journal.

This is what she wrote for every one.

Three Billy Goats Gruff wanted to cross a bridge to eat grass, but a troll did not let them.
One Billy Goat saw the troll so did the other two goats, the others were scared because the troll wanted to eat them, but Billy wasen't and ran behind the troll and pushed him into the water.

She wrote this for every one and it's very good because we are learning to write in English together.


I want to tell you about my family traditions, but really we don`t have special one. We do something very special every time when I go to visit them in Vail. I have there my mom, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. We met together at my moms house, and we eat and talk. I enjoy so much this time with my family there. Sometimes I go there for vacations and I go work with them and believe me I enjoy work because I can be talking with them. I don`t want to miss any minute without my family there. My kids love to be there too, they have cousins and they play a lot. When it is time to come back they cry a lot and I feel sad too. I miss my family, and maybe my tradition could be no one special day. It is each time when I visit them.