Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you Like Read this Small Story?

I was talking with my daughter about my classes and she asked me if she could write something for everyone in my classroom, I said let me ask my teacher, but you can write me something for me and I will put it in my journal.

This is what she wrote for every one.

Three Billy Goats Gruff wanted to cross a bridge to eat grass, but a troll did not let them.
One Billy Goat saw the troll so did the other two goats, the others were scared because the troll wanted to eat them, but Billy wasen't and ran behind the troll and pushed him into the water.

She wrote this for every one and it's very good because we are learning to write in English together.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful your daughter is moved to participate in writing as you are!! Our children really take note of our own interests and want to explore what we find valuable and important. Keep up the writing, and that is a very adorable picture!!

graciela said...

Martha, by helping our kids with their homework, and try to be a model for them is a good way to get them motivated in school.
Good job.

Ivis said...

Martha, that was a cute little story. Your daughter it's a good writer.

Lilly said...

Dear Marta;Was so sweet read something of your deauther. I think she can learn so much with you wonderfull example.

esperanza said...

Martha, I think anything that we can do with our kids is wonderful.
They are little persons but they are so smart and we can learn a lot of them. Nice!