Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Baby Monster

Do you want to know about a baby in a monster body?

Frankenstein was a baby in a monster body and he wants love, he requires a family like any one.

Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who assembled the monster from dead bodies. He looks terrible! His skin color was purple, he had oozy eyes and the bones were cracking.

Victor Frankenstein was terrified because the monster was smiling at him, but the man didn't see a smile; he saw the jawbones moving. The scientist ran out of his house. He fell more than one time, but he stood up and ran faster more than he can.

The monster was walking looking for his father and he needed to learn how to eat, how to drink just watching the animals. He came to a small town, but the people were afraid. The people of the town wanted to destroy him and an old woman threw boiling water at his face. Now he was scared of people too, but you have to read it to know the end of the story.


myrna said...

Martha I know your finish to loved Frankenstein, I'm going to read this book.
The picture it's great!

graciela said...

I read that book and I like it,good job Martha.

Cindy Fey said...

Do you think there's a baby inside every monster? Is there a little monster inside every baby? I liked your description of Frankenstein. It made me think of the book in a new way!

sue said...

Frankenstein is one of my favorite books of all time! Did you know Mary Shelley was only 19 years old when she wrote it? Amazing!

IVIS said...

I like your story!
Nice picture!!!

Lilly said...

I hope you done you book. Is very interesting.

Kirsten said...

Your description of Victor Frankenstein gave me shivers down my spine!!! You've reminded me that I want to read this book again, thanks!