Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Brother Dreams

I feel so pleased for my brother. He joined in to the Air Force. That was his dream. When he was in school he always said,"I want to go to the Air Force!"

When he finished high school, he couldn't. Finally his dream came true now that he is 23 years old. He wants to go to the Air Force to have a career so he wants to be a doctor. He is single and he doesn't have children.

He doesn't want to right now, he just wants to finish his career first. He is in basic training in Lacklan AFB TX. My mom was almost going to go to Mexico before his graduation, which will be next month. I told my mom she couldn't miss the moment. She will feel so proud of her son. I hope we can go.


freedom of voice said...
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Jennifer said...

I really loved all the changes you made to your storey. It came out really great good job.

myrna said...

You have to feel proud of your brother too.
Follow his example, and finish your goals.

Ivis said...

It's a good thing what your brother is doing. I think his children will be very proud of him just like you when he has them. So, fishing first what he is doing will be the best thing he could ever do because that way he will make everybody happy.

Good story!

Cindy Fey said...

In 1951, my father was training at the same Air Force base as your brother! You must be so proud of your brother.

Lilly said...

Dear Lorena: Good for you brother!!:)He will be all right.

Kirsten said...

You must be so proud of your brother. I hope you enjoy going to his graduation. I am curious to know what your own dreams are for yourself, too.

Debra Estep said...

HI Lorena,

I've been an Air Force Mom for over 5 years now. My son joined the AF back in late 2002.

Every now and then I do blog searches for NEW Air Force parents. :))

I belong to a WONDERFUL online Air Force parents support site.

If you would send my info to your mom, it will help her in having a son in the Air Force.
Or write me yourself if you want to be in touch with someone who understands.

xo xo
Deb in Ohio

Lorena said...

Hi every one I just want to say, thanks for the comments that you made for me.I hope you liked what I posted.

adriana said...

My husband join the USA army two years ago, at first i was afraid uncertain of our future as a military family. Now its been two years, and i wouldn't change my life for nothing, I am proud and honor to be an army wife..