Thursday, February 28, 2008

updated photo!

Our class has changed a a bit over the past few months since we started this blog. Some students have left. Others have arrived. It's just part of the process. Here is an updated photo of our class:

Front: Bernardette, Esperanza, Martha
Middle: Myrna, Lorena, Ivis, Evelia, Lilly, Lucinda
Back: Graciela, Jennifer, Dayra
Not Pictured: Refugio, Giang, Karl


Graciela said...

Nice picture Sue, and thank you for letting us know that every thing we want to do can be possible.

sue said...

You're welcome. I can't imagine a better group of students. You guys make coming to work every day a joy. Thank YOU!

Myrna said...

I'm glad to continue been in this clase. I learn a lot of things, thanks Sue.
This is a cool picture!
We miss Refugio, Giang and Karl.