Thursday, February 14, 2008

* My Own House to Play *

"I don't want to leave my little house!" I cried to my mom.

My parents didn't have their own house, so we lived in a rental all my young life.
I remember one house that we had with one room to put the toys. My sister and I played in there numeruos times. Inside that room, we had big house formed by wood that we could play inside of. It was like a tree house, but it was inside. The house had a little kitchen and a dining room. It was so amazing. However we spent all the time in there.

I didn't have brothers and my dad always wanted a boy. He bought us, just toys for boys: swords, cars, bike, balls,but nothing for girls so we loved this house!

The disaster was when we moved to another house, and my mom said,"We can't keep it."
"It's not fair!" I yelled.

My sister and I cried all day, actually all week! Finally we tried to play with my dad's toys.

This is my best toy I had in my all life, I love it!


graciela said...

Mirna, some times we have good things that we really like but we have to let them go. That's why we remember them with love.
Happy valentines day.

sue said...

We were just talking about you because we missed you today. Then here you were commenting! Awesome! Everyone says Happy Valentine's Day to you to.

Eduvina said...

This story it's very interesting, because live is remember.

You Aunt said...

I really love your story because when I read it. It reminds me of the momrnts when you girls were little.

sue said...

I can't believe you found a photo that was so much like your actual play house you had when you were a child. I would give ANYTHING to have had a place like that! You were so lucky.
It's so great to see your family members commenting here... awesome!

graciela said...

Mirna, you really are nice to me, thank you for your comment, you are really sweet.

Lilly said...

Dear Mirna: I love you story and the last week I cry for you. I think you have a little girl inside of you and this is wonderfull because you have a lot of love to bring and I'm sure you make everything better for you children life.

Kirsten said...

I like your blog because it is written like a short story! You remind me of me and my sister. We always built little play houses out of scraps of wood outside, and when it was a rainy day my mom would let us turn over the big chairs and put big sheets and blankets across the furniture to make a big tent in the living room.