Thursday, February 7, 2008


I want to tell you about my family traditions, but really we don`t have special one. We do something very special every time when I go to visit them in Vail. I have there my mom, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. We met together at my moms house, and we eat and talk. I enjoy so much this time with my family there. Sometimes I go there for vacations and I go work with them and believe me I enjoy work because I can be talking with them. I don`t want to miss any minute without my family there. My kids love to be there too, they have cousins and they play a lot. When it is time to come back they cry a lot and I feel sad too. I miss my family, and maybe my tradition could be no one special day. It is each time when I visit them.


graciela said...

Hi Evelia, I do the same thing every six months with my kids and my husban, we travel to Mexico and when it's time to come back to Colorado my kids complain a lot.

Judith said...

I really liked your story about visiting family. I could almost hear the laughter!
Cousins are very important -- I have warm memories of sleeping with all my cousins on a screened porch at a cabin on Lake Michigan as a child -- although we did more giggling and talking than we did sleeping.

Crystal said...

Evelia, I like your story about spending time with your family. I often take my friends and family for granted. Your story helps remind how I should cherish my time spent with them.

dayra said...


I feel like you and all our other classmates.There is nothing like your original city especially when your family in their majority stays over there your memories never leave your land and our soul stays there.