Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do you are think how short is the life?

Yesterday I saw how short life can be.

I have a couple of friends, they are experiencing a difficult time.
Three months ago, he started to feel bad. Everybody thought it was for a molar.
He went to the dentist and he took off the molar, but the pain continued.
However he went to many doctors and he took many prescriptions. Nothing happened. Everybody in the family and friends started to pray for him and hoped he would feel better.

The disaster was when the doctor told him, "You haved cancer in your head."
I don't know what he felt in that moment, but if I were in his shoes my world would start to crumble.
He is in treatment right now. I hope he is healthy very soon.

However my life changed and I knew the life it's too short. I'm going to try to live my best and tell all my family How much I love them? Thanks to God for everything He give me.


Anonymous said...

I hope the your friend gets better soon. Thanks for sharing. Sara

Lucinda said...

Some times life is hard and god puts hard things in our way. He will get threw it. Just stay strong for him and pray he will be fine.

esperanza said...

Well, Myrna that's right all time
we are thinking in material things
or we are worries for everything. But we don't think in things really good, like family or friends.
We should appreciate more life,family.
I hope that your friend feel well soon.

Lilly said...

Dear mirna; Wao! I'm so sorry for you friend. I hope everithing will be better to him.Bring a lot of love to him, because he need of you now.

dayra said...


You are so right, every day I give thanks to God for the new day and tell him to let me see the next one because you never know when will be your departure time. We all have to die any day, but I would like God to give me the time to see my daughter grow up and became a professional, after that I can leave this world. I hope God will give me this chance.

martha said...

Mirna; some times the life is hard and looks like God is not with us, but he knows what way you have to take. We have to think in the good things, there are so many. I hope your friend gets better.

sue said...

"If I were in his shoes my world would start to crumble."
Not only is that great use of the conditional tense, Myrna, but it's also a very descriptive sentence that lets us know exactly how you would feel. Great writing!

jeny said...

Wow!I never heard about cancer in the head.I wish i can say the nothing of that is going to happen to me,but is not thrut.
Is scary to live thinking to something is going to happen.I agre,i undrestand life is to short better live my life the best i can.
Thank you for the wake up call.Good luck to your friend!