Thursday, May 15, 2008

My City

Cd.Juarez it's my city. The city where I was born. I miss my city, I have a lot good memories from there. My school days was the best time that I remember. I had many friends and a lot fun. And I always want to go back to visit Juarez.

But is incredible the place where I was born. I can't go now bacause I feel unsure for me and my kids. The last times that I went, I was sacared, There was a lot of violence, people die every day and the biggest tragedy that I think that the people know or hear something about Juarez. The 400 ladies that died in the last 15 years and nobody knows who kill the ladies.

I have to acknowledge that my city is every time more dangerous. A lot of people are marching because we want to stop a lot violence and t ladies still dying. But the goverment never know nothing and never does anything. but anyway I miss my city and every time that I could go, I'm going to be there.


evelia said...

Esperanza. That is true this is the city where you were born, but now you are afraid of this, this city is nice to you but most of the people when they hear about Juarez, they think inmedatly about this 400 hundred girls. But sometimes they don't think and this city has too many beautiful places too.

Anonymous said...

Esperanza, it is true, I'm so sad about that because in my city where I born is the same thing, two years ago Parral was a very nice place to visit but now I am scare because the narcos and the police are in a big fight for the territory of the town. I hope very soon everything go back on it's place.

Kirsten said...

I remember hearing about the murders of the women many years ago here in the United Kingdom. It's good to hear of another side to Juarez, your memories of a beautiful city. I wish an end to the violence and the return of the city of your memories.

Roberto said...

Esperanza Iknow Cd. Juarez to I have family there to is very dangerous I hope we can come back and see them on paz