Thursday, January 24, 2008

Remembering the Past

I never had a secret place when I was a child. But I remember when I went with my friends to their house without permission. The name of my friend was Guadalupe.

After school we walked to her house for seven minutes. Her father was a carpenter and we played at the carpentry with the shavings. It was a beautiful time. Today I'm sorry for her because her parents died.

When I went back to home my mom always was scared, because she was thinking something happened to me. Some times I was running in the yard, but my mom caught me and spanked. I did it because I was always alone, my sisters lived in USA. Finally I think she was happy because I came home.


freedom of voice said...
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Ivis said...

It's a good story Martha. Have you seen you friend again?

Graciela said...

I know Martha, I did that too, and when I got home my mom was very upset.

esperanza said...

I understand because when something happen, We always think if somenting happen with our family and We feel so bad.
But I think that everybody has his
own destiny.