Thursday, January 24, 2008

"A Big Prank by Two Sisters"

My parents all the time they left us alone in the house because they worked in a foundry. They left just my older sister and me. However my little sister..... they took her with them.

One time my older sister told me, " My parents don't love us, just love Laura that's why they leave us alone all the time, we have to abandon this house and leave our parents alone with Laura." We planned to escape from our house, and we made the luggage and we departed. Daddy always closed the door with key. We had to jump the fence. Lizbeth my older sister jumped first. When she was on the floor, I didn't want to jump because I was scared. She told me, "You have to, because I'm on the other side." I told her "I can't!" However she went for my neighbor and she helped me to jump down the fence. Finally we were out of the house, and we stared to walked on the way to the taxi station.

My older sister and I thought we have to go at some place where our parents can't find us ever. But guest what?, we escaped to my aunt's house. That is was the first place where my parents looked for us. Anyways when we walked through the neighborhood my sister told me "When we arrived to the taxi station I'm going to make sound in my pocket with these 2 coins" (but these coins didn't have value). We thought if the taxi driver heard the coins, he was going to think that we had money to pay.

When we arrived to the taxi station, I was scared, that we were going to be kidnapped by the driver. So I told the driver, "We have to be at my aunt's house in 20 min, if not she was going to call the police." I thought if he knew this, he wouldn't kidnap us. I don't know if he thought, we were crazy or not, I don't know? However I was so scared. I was only 7 years old and my sister was 11 years old.

Finally we arrived to my aunt's house and she paid the taxi. We started to tell her the story. She was so angry with my parents. She called them and told my mom, " Do you know where your children are?" and my mom told her, "In the house why?" " Just ask". She hung up the phone. When my parents arrived to my aunt's house, we were scared. And my aunt called us. I ran to my mom crying and I told her, "It's Liz's idea, it's not my fault forgive me?" In that moment my older sister told me, " You are disloyal". I said, "I'm sorry but my mom was going to punish me." And the only one who received the punishment was my older sister.

After that day, my parents never left us alone again. However this was so amusing and I'm going to remember it all my life.
This story makes all my family laugh all the time when we remember this together.


graciela said...

yes Mirna I know how little sisters are, poor Liz.

sue said...

You were very clever for a seven-year-old to tell the taxi driver that story!

Lilly said...

Dear Myrna your story are like a "Novela" But you know what is the truth because sometime the family need work and when you are child you don't understand.All the time my grandma take care of me but sometime I'm alone with my brothers. Lilly

Kirsten said...

I like this story, how you've remembered so many little details. I thought making the coins make a noise was so funny!

Alex said...

Hello Myrna I read your story it's so entertaining both of you little girls had a big decisions.

Maria H. said...

Myrna, you were very lucky, because somebody could do something but to you or your sister who knows?, We are so glad that you are still here talking about that day, but I know when we are kids we think different.

You Aunt said...

Your story is very intersting and.I feel happy for being part of it. And I am very proud of your great advance at school.

Doc said...


Great story! It brought back a memory of when I was about the same age, I would "run away" from home to my grandparents house. It never occured to me that my grandparents would call my mom to tell her where I was.

Thanx for the memory!