Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Family Tradition

Every summer the Lamar County Annual Rodeo would come to town. My sister, her kids, my cousins, friends, and I - there were so many of us! We would all get together and get ready for the Annual Rodeo. The families would all dress up in our boots and our hats. My cousins would suite up the horses and off we went.

Anthony, my cousin, would always compete in the Bareback Bronc Riding competition. It was very stunning to watch. I always got very worried about him, especially when getting hurt. If Anthony couldn't stay on for 8 seconds the horse would throw him. Every once in a while we traveled with my cousin {Anthony} to another town or state like Collgate,OK and Deport, TX just to see him ride. We had a blast!

I miss those days. The Rodeo was a tradition for us. Now we are all grown up, we all have are own families and moved away.


Ivis said...

Spending time with your family it's a great thing. I also miss speniding time with my family. My parents, my uncles, my cousins... I love when we went to rivers and made food and swim there. Now we don't do that anymore... well I. Now I have my own family and I do have fun with my child and my housband, but I still miss those days.

myrna said...

This it's a beatiful tradition.
I hope everybody had a tradition where they can past time with their families.

graciela said...

Spending time with our family is very important, because we pass those traditions to our kids, and when they grow up they are going to do the same thing with their kids.

veronica said...

Hi Amanda,when I read your story, I remember when I knew my husband in Mexico. He rode bulls and Horses too. I liked to see and I felt proud because before he rode he gave me a kiss for lucky. Well he said that I don't know. Now my husband only remember that time or watch for T.V the rodeo.Is curius because when my husband see the rodeo for the T.V his knees started to shake.