Thursday, January 24, 2008

About my Job

I have been at McDonald's for 2 years. I like to work with customers, because you can see how people are different. I'm a swing manager, the means I have to be looking at all the store.

Some people are so nice, and have a conversation with you. But some people they're so mean, sometimes they get mad, because the cashier took the order wrong. The customer doesn't want to pay more, because it wasn't their fault. That is the time for a manager to talk with them and fix the problem. Some people are customers for many years and we already know them.

All managers have a chance to go to Denver to the classes. In Denver is the McDonald's corporation, and they teach you how to care for this kind of customers.

I feel OK working in McDonald's. My supervisor is nice and she is so flexible with my schedule, she helps me all the time.


Lilly said...

Hi Bernade I'm Lilly and I was worked in Macdonald's too but in my first week my little son was sick and them the other one. Well, I fild so sad because I can't work for more time,maybe in other time Lilly

Graciela said...

Hi Bernardette, I was a cashier too, and I know what you are talking about, some times you have to do what the customers said or you get in trouble.
Just keep going and don't pay atention to those things.

sue said...

I bet it's great to get away to Denver sometimes! :-)

esperanza said...

Bernardette, good for you!.
I know people that don't have interest to do something better like get better position.
You did it. Good.