Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Dream Came True

When I came to the United States in 1990, I was 14 years old. My dream was to go to school and learn English as a second language so I could understand what people were saying, at that time it was impossible because I started to work as a baby sitter in Texas, and I couldn't go to school.

Two years later, I travel to California, and started to work there as a care giver, at the same time I started to go to school to learn English. It was hard doing a few things at the same time but today, I can understand,speak, and write English and what is better, I just got my G.E.D.

May 28, 2008. I am never going to forget this date. When I received my G.E.D in the mail, I look at it over and over and started to remember every single day since I came in to the United States, every single day, including the day that I left Mexico and my mother was crying. Today I wish I can show to my mother my G.E.D as her reward for all those sad moments she had because I was far away from her but she died six years ago, I know she is somewhere watching every thing I do, and for sure she is proud of me, she will be in my dreams, and I can tell her how much I still love her.

For all those Spanish speaking people that said "The school is difficult, I can't". You are wrong, no matter how hard you have to work or how long it takes you, don't give up. I know we miss too many things in our country but we are here and we need to prove to those that we left behind, and to ourselves that every single thing we want, it can come true if we work hard enough.
For all my hard work and my perseverance my dream came true.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


On this day I just want to say all of my classmates and teacher, thanks and this was a great year been studying with all of you. All of you were so helpful to me some of you with the computer, spelling, fractions, or just with a sweet hello or a happy smile. I hope all of you have a great vacation time, and I hope to see all of you next year here. Enjoy those months and comeback to school, see you here.

I am so Proud---

That I have succefully completed what I started with me and school. I know that I have not gotten my GED as of yet. But I'm still hanging in there, and I'm going to be coming to summer school. I rememeber several times in my life where I gave up, and did not follow thru on my goals and dreams. I am so proud of myself for still hanging in here. This has been truely the most important thing in my life, and the most hardest for me to get accomplished. I have never ever been the type of person to quit or give up on something that was important to me. So I do not know why I have made this such a difficult task for myself to get completed in my life. As of this moment forward this will be a priority of mine to complete in my life. I'm not going to let anything or anyone stop me this time around. For the first time in a long time I'm proud of me, and what I'm getting accomplished in my life for me. And so thank you once again my teacher for having the gifts that you have making learning fun. Oh and have a great summer with your family.

My City

Cd.Juarez it's my city. The city where I was born. I miss my city, I have a lot good memories from there. My school days was the best time that I remember. I had many friends and a lot fun. And I always want to go back to visit Juarez.

But is incredible the place where I was born. I can't go now bacause I feel unsure for me and my kids. The last times that I went, I was sacared, There was a lot of violence, people die every day and the biggest tragedy that I think that the people know or hear something about Juarez. The 400 ladies that died in the last 15 years and nobody knows who kill the ladies.

I have to acknowledge that my city is every time more dangerous. A lot of people are marching because we want to stop a lot violence and t ladies still dying. But the goverment never know nothing and never does anything. but anyway I miss my city and every time that I could go, I'm going to be there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So this is it. The end of our journey. Here is your homework for the summer:

1. Read good books
2. Write in your journal
3. Post and comment on the blog

This year, your class has published a total of 83 posts on Freedom of Voice! This is totally AMAZING! I am so proud of you for your courage to take on something new, for sharing your stories so openly, and for being willing to share them with the world. I look forward to seeing some new posts during the summer. If you want to save them first as a draft, I will check them over for you before publishing. I will check the blog daily and hope to keep in touch with you this way. I'm going to take some pictures of our potluck today, and I will post them next week. So be sure to check in!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish Graciela good luck on finishing up her last two GED tests next week. Good luck Graciela!!

Ivis will be taking her first test on May 20th! Good luck Ivis!!

Also, Adriana, who started in our class in September and moved on to GED in December, graduated on Tuesday night! Congratulations, Adriana!!

Thank you, everyone, for making it a joy for me to come to work every day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Excellent Partner

After I got married, my life was a big change. Three years ago, my husband brought me to America. I got really hard time but he was great man, so I felt very happy about him. At the time I felt so bad when I just moved here,he helped me to be strong. He let me do everything by myself, and he pushed me to the way, "Growing up with whatever I know and I learn". That way I could know about here faster.

In 2005, two months after I moved here. He drove me to school of district 2 with some help for my English. He said, "Language is the most important for people who live here from other countries." However, he knew school is the best place to learn or study English. Again, he told me, "If I wasn't too old,I would have studied English better." And, "I would have more time for school if I hadn't working on two jobs." That's why he wanted me to speak and understand English much as I can.

After two years, I've been in Harrison school. I felt much better about English, so I just wanted to stop school right there. But my husband tried to make me continue on school. He didn't let me stop, he kept pushing me to not cut off school. However, I was so tired at work, I had too many things need to do at home that's why you know? Until now I can't come to school very often, but I am so happy with what I got. I think, "If my husband didn't help me to kept going to school, I wouldn't have understand English as good as like right now."

Thanks so much to my husband(my great partner). And thanks a lot to people and teachers working in Harrison school. I love them very, very, ... much. I will try to go to school next year again.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Perfect Gift For Me

Hello Everybody!

I want to finish my story about a surprise to me from my husband. Guess what? It is true. My husband brought me such a big and wonderful surprise, My Mom. This is the perfect gift for me. I don't want to go to Disney, I don't want a cruise, I don't want one million dollars. I just want my beautiful mom, her hug, her company. When she arrived she called me and she said: "Lymaris I'm so sorry I couldn't call you before because my cell phone had no signal in the plane." In this moment I felt my heart stop and I couldn't speak more. In just a second my mom says:"Lymaris open the door and come with mami!" I couldn't believe it! My husband brought my mom to me! I opened the door and I saw my beautiful mami with a lot of tears in her eyes and me too. I prepared to have an incredible time with her and I couldn't forget my dad too, but you know? Mami is mami. Well, it was only two weeks, but it was a fantastic time of my life. I will never forget my husband's intentions and his sweet love to me and the big one, see my mom again! Thank you my love :)

Madera Chihuahua

The place where I born is a small town with 50,000 people living there.

It's a beautiful place with big mountains around, the weather is cold when the snow comes some times we have 2 feet of snow. The awful weather is from October to April so we have only four months of hot weather.

We have two rivers, you have to drive for three hours in the forest to arrive there and you can enjoy, they have a suspension bridges. We have another beautiful place the name is "Las 40 Casas". This place is where the ancestors lived. You have to go down to the hill and then up they are in the middle of the mountain. It's hard to visit because you have to walk 20 minutes, but really this place is amazing.

You can take a picture of the shiny blue sky and you can hear the different birds singing and the variety of animals in the ground. If you are lucky you can see a bear, but don't do anything to call his attention just walk to your car.

It's pleasant when you have the opportunity to live in a place like that. I take care of them because one day my daughter and my son will meet that gorgeous place.


The day when we had to expose, our teacher told us we had to expose in front of the classroom, I started to shake. The great thing was we all had to expose. This time was fun because we can see each other, how we talk, and we can correct the things that were wrong.
I'm happy for all the things that Sue made us do, this year was the year when I learned more than the other ones.
However, everytime when I will see this pictures I will laugh from this great day and I'm never going to forget how nervous I was.
Enjoy the pictures guys!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


This school year has been great. Meeting everyone for the first time. At first I was scared and as time went on I understood. I wasn't the only one we all were and you all have been great this year. I will have a piece of you in my heart and soul. Knowing we all were scared not just me." Thank you for a great year."


A lot people are proud to be mexican,I'm. We never forgot our traditions, culture and food. Even thow we are living here for better education for our kids, work or simply for better life. We never forget our Mexico Lindo y Querido.

I Found Something Special

Hello! Today I want to talk you about my Springs Break. Well, the last two weeks I have tried to have a good time with my four kids. I couldn't go to a special place because my husband worked, but I had a funny time and made everything they wanted.

In my Springs Break I found something special. When I looked at my bank account I saw something wrong.(I thought) I felt very nervous and I talked with my husband, but when I saw his face I thought something had happened. Well, I discovered his surprise to me. I don't know what it is, but you remembered my story?

I want to see my mom or visit my Puerto Rico :) Well I discovered my husband bought two airlines tickets to New York and only he said, "I have a surprise for you, just you need to wait for it and don't ask about." Oh my God! Can you imagine my emotion? I don't know what will happen, but I am feeling my heart beat at a hundred miles per hour. I think I'm very close to my mom, more that I can imagine. The story continue...!


On the week of spring break, we had a very amazing "picnic day" at the Memorial Park. My daughter, my son, my friend's daughter and me. I prepared sandwiches in the morning and I took the kids there. When we were there, the two girls liked to do the same things at the same time. They were following each other all the time. When my daughter tried to scramble to reach the slide, Isabelle (my daughter's friend) tried to do the same thing at the same time, but it was too narrow for two girls. They just got off and dashed to take the steps up to reach that big slide, then they wanted to slide at the same time too. I warned them about the injuries if they got stuck up there. Finally they decided to take turns on each place. When they were hungry they asked me if they could eat their sandwiches. They were so tired and Gisselle (my daughter) whispered to me, "It's your turn to play we can take care of my brother now."

close to the end

We are getting close to the end of the school year. Our last day of class is Thursday, May 15th. I have mixed emotions about this. Part of me is excited for summer vacation, and the other part of me will miss you. Creating this blog together has been an amazing experience as I have watched you grow as both as writers and computer users. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Keep posting stories and comments over the summer, and we can keep in touch!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My - Teacher

Her name is Sue. I have never had a teacher as great as her. She is the type of teacher that makes learning fun. She makes us all dig deep inside of ourselves. Sue makes us look further into ourselves for the answers. God has blessed her with a talent that many teachers do not have. Which is keeping learning fun, and making you want to learn. I feel that my classmates and I are fortunate to have her as our teacher. I'm so excited to have Sue as my teacher because I finally have reached that place in my life. That I really want to get this part of my life accomplished, and further my education. So Sue I am so thankful to you for giving me the desire back in my heart to achieve my dreams and goals in my life. And for putting determination back in my heart to succeed at accomplishing this part of my life finally.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi every one,this is Giang Hoang.I haven't see you since March 20.I really missed school,teacher and you guys.Because I got sick for 3 week and I've been tired almost every day.That's why I skipped school for that long.However,I like school,I love Sue(my great teacher).I feel better now, hopefully I will see you next week.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Perfect Gift

Four years ago we looked for a pet for the family. We wanted a small dog because we lived in an apartment and we didn't have space for a big pet. My sister's neighbour was selling little Chihuahuas. We went to her house, but we couldn't find anything and we kept looking.

Finally one day after my daughter's birthday my husband came back home after his work with a small dog in his arms. My husband found it in a construction site and she was very scared and hungry.

It was dog abuse. She was skinny and she hid under the bed all the time. She had a lot of scratches on her head and she had no whiskers and she didn't like to eat dog food just chips and some things like that.

We went to the vet for a check if she had a microchip, but she didn't have anything and they gave her a shot for the rabies and her weight it was just 3 pounds. We were thinking about a small beautiful name like her and we chose the name of Susi. She took 3 weeks to understand us in Spanish and her name.

Now Susi is the most spoiled dog of the world. She's a little ugly, but very sweet and she loves her new family. The animals have feelings like us just they need talk.

Take care of them with love.

I'm So Excited!

My husband has finally made it home I have not seen him since October third. It gets very hard for me sometimes he is away so much from home. But when you really and truely love someone with all of your heart and soul. God gives us the strenght to stand and go thru hard and trying times. We are in the process of buying a house we are looking forward to the closing of the house next week. I'm feeling really blessed in my life right now. God has been really good to me in my life. But more importantly I'm so excited! that I'm going to have my husband at home for a few months this will be the most time I have spent with him in about three years. And it feels great! So out of going to school and working and moving, but most of all my husband being home. I have so many things to be excited! about.

For My Comments

Hi every one today I just want to say, thanks for yours comments. I hope you guys liked, I know many of you don't know me. However, you took the time to answer what I posted. And I very happy to see all your comments. By the way some times my spelling is not correct, but I try to do my best and you know ENGLISH is my second language and is very hard for me. But a least I try you know.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Own Dreams

Hi Kirsten you want to know my own dreams. Well for now I just want to get my GED, and only God knows what will happen later. However if I can go to college after I get the GED, that will be great. I want to challenge my self for my family, they are very, very, very important for me I can't imagine my life with out them. Everything I did in my life is for my family and especially for my kids. They are my whole world, if you have family you understand what I'm saying.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Children are great!
When you're feeling down, they can bring you up.
When you think you have seen it all, they do something crazy.
When you cry, they are there to make you laugh.
Their love is endless.
Their smile goes on for days.
But, best of all when they sleep, it is the best time of day.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Our children sometimes can give us a hard time. My daughter is one of them...

Last week I went to the store to buy hair products. I left my daughter with my mom because I just wanted to buy something and go home.

When I got home there she was (my daughter) she was playing. Then my mom told me that she was playing and cutting a paper with her scissors. She had that scissors because her teacher gave them to her with another things. Well I went to the room and I saw the little pieces of paper that she had cut. I saw them and I picked them up.

After I did all of that we took a shower. When I was ready to comb her hair, I found out a bunch of hair that were smaller than the others. That's when I found out that she had cut her hair. Oh I was so mad at her because it looks so ugly. She cut it in the front of the head so it's looks like a moustache. I asked her, "Laritza where did you put the hair and the scissors?" She didn't tell me.

The day pass and in the evening we were in the living room watching TV when she took out the scissors from under the sofa. I looked under the sofa to see if the hair was there also. To my big surprize it was there! Under the sofa. I picked them up and then I laughed about it.

From now on I have put a bandana in my daughter's head because I can't comb her hair because of the small hair that she has. Putting the bandana on will cover it and she will not look funny. She has a lot of them different colors. I bought them for her and I guess she likes them. What else she can do or say. I like them I think she look better like that then without them. After all of that it's so funny to see the things our kids do. Even if they can give us a headache.

P.S. If you need a hair cut, there is my daughter. Call her she will be so pleased to do it.

Do you are think how short is the life?

Yesterday I saw how short life can be.

I have a couple of friends, they are experiencing a difficult time.
Three months ago, he started to feel bad. Everybody thought it was for a molar.
He went to the dentist and he took off the molar, but the pain continued.
However he went to many doctors and he took many prescriptions. Nothing happened. Everybody in the family and friends started to pray for him and hoped he would feel better.

The disaster was when the doctor told him, "You haved cancer in your head."
I don't know what he felt in that moment, but if I were in his shoes my world would start to crumble.
He is in treatment right now. I hope he is healthy very soon.

However my life changed and I knew the life it's too short. I'm going to try to live my best and tell all my family How much I love them? Thanks to God for everything He give me.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

updated photo!

Our class has changed a a bit over the past few months since we started this blog. Some students have left. Others have arrived. It's just part of the process. Here is an updated photo of our class:

Front: Bernardette, Esperanza, Martha
Middle: Myrna, Lorena, Ivis, Evelia, Lilly, Lucinda
Back: Graciela, Jennifer, Dayra
Not Pictured: Refugio, Giang, Karl

computer lab

Here are some photos from the computer lab, where we do most of our blogging. Some students have computers and internet access in their homes, and so they can post and comment from there. Most, however, use this one hour a week to read and write and connect with each other through the power of their stories.

Best Vacation Ever........

was when my Husband and I and my Grandson went to California. We all had such a great time traveling in the car Because we had rented a car to travel. And it was an eighteen hour drive to reach our destination. Finally we stopped to rest in Las Vegas for a night, and continued on in the morning. It was such a great trip, because my Grandson got the chance to meet one of his great Grandmothers he never met. Also he got a chance to meet cousins and play and have himself a wonderful and marvelous time. I got such a joy to see him playing from sun up to sun down, non- stop. Every night as soon as his head hit the pillow, he would fall right to sleep. It was also such a joy for me and my Husband to be able to spend time together because he works over seas, and so he is gone most of the time. When he comes home he always tries to take us on a Vacation some where to visit relatives. From all the Vacations I have taken in my life, that one was by far the best ever.


When I was a child my bedroom was unique because I shared it with my mom, the space in the room and the view.

My mom and I were sharing the room when my dad died. We slept together in the same bed so it was very good because I wasn't scared anymore at night time and my mom hugged me when I was sleeping.

Then when my mother was working during the day I pretended I was the lady of the house because the room was huge and had only the bed in it. I had a lot of space to play and made my own little house with the blankets of the bed.

Finally the view of the bedroom was the thing I liked most because in the morning the sun came in through the window, and warmed up the room. Outside in the street the neighbors were sweeping the part of the street in front of their houses.

Because I was sharing the room with my mom, the huge space in the bedroom was my space to play, and because the view of the room every day, my bedroom was unique and spectacular to me.


Michelle is my little girl. She is five years old. Before she was born I went to Mexico and I visited the doctor for an ultrasound. I was seven months pregnant, I had to wait for results like two hours and I remember that I was very nervous, but finally the doctor came out and told me that my baby was a girl. Imagine my happiness when I heard that, was my first girl. I already had two boys. When I came back, I began to buy everything for my girl. That day she was born, I remember I was so excited,I couldn't believe it.

When they asked me about the name, I answered, "Michelle" without doubting it. I always said that when I have a baby girl her name was going to be Michelle.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Talk to them in a straight-forward way, using simple words. Be direct and call everything by its name, without beating around the bush or going to extremes. Sometimes you might feel anxious or embarrassed by some of their questions and want to change the subject. Never do that because it will only confuse them.

Show an interest in whatever they tells you. It is especially important not to judge them, laugh at them, or be sarcastic. Find the necessary time to talk with them when they asks. If there is some reason you can't talk right away and you promise to do it later, never break your promise.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Can Make the Difference

When I was ten years old, I had a friend, and her name was Mercedes. She was taller than me. The reason that I made a friendship with her was because no body in the class wanted to talk or play with her because she was very poor.

With the passing of the years we became best friends. After a few years she stopped her education because she had no money to continue, and I started my middle school education. Since then I have no idea what happened with her. After that I went to middle school, and three years later, I came to the United States of America, and never saw her again. I still remember her and our good times together as friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Target Shootig

Does any body like hunting? I do! I don't have any big gage gans for hanting big animals,only one 22 remington rifle that was given to me on a birthday by one of my brothers-in law.When there is nice wether,and we have some extra time we all go to a ranch in Rush.This ranch belongs to my brother-in law,so that's the reason we go often to this plase in Rush. I also work for him part time,that is why I'am allways busy,but I like it I get to drive all over town,I also like going to hunt rabits or any other small animals, and do target shooting I enjoy it.


My mom always asks me,"Why do you write things about me."
And I answer her,"Because I love you and admire you."  

She moved from Mexico to live in Vail six years ago. I was living there, too. But I had to come live here in Colorado Springs. She calls me very often, and she tells me how much she misses me. I miss her a lot too, and I think we can keep close by calling every night. I know, we are 10 kids in the family! But she has a special place in her heart for each of us.

Can you imagine leaving your Enchanting Island ?

Wow!! This question is so hard and sad to me. Well let me start. I miss everything. But one of these things are my family. I miss just to kiss my mom. Really I need her hug, and her words to me. I talk with her everyday, but it is not enough for me. This is the big one.

The other things I miss are the hot weather, the beautiful and blue beaches, and the fresh air of the mountain with amazing flowers. The smell is incredible, and in the night the songs of "Del Coqui". The "Coqui" is a native animal of Puerto Rico, like a frog, but so special because in the night or if it rains he starts to sing, "coqui, coqui, coqui". Well, I can't believe it! When you have left everything, your family and your country, because you have no choice.

In my case, I left my Puerto Rico because my husband had a big health problem. His heart aorta was broken and his heart valve didn't work very well. It was time to leave everything and go to obtain treatment in the United States and thank God for this because this changed my life and my family's life to more suitable and my husband is better. He is like a miracle. I miss my Enchanting Island Puerto Rico, but I'm blessed with the life of my husband!

My Brother Dreams

I feel so pleased for my brother. He joined in to the Air Force. That was his dream. When he was in school he always said,"I want to go to the Air Force!"

When he finished high school, he couldn't. Finally his dream came true now that he is 23 years old. He wants to go to the Air Force to have a career so he wants to be a doctor. He is single and he doesn't have children.

He doesn't want to right now, he just wants to finish his career first. He is in basic training in Lacklan AFB TX. My mom was almost going to go to Mexico before his graduation, which will be next month. I told my mom she couldn't miss the moment. She will feel so proud of her son. I hope we can go.

The Baby Monster

Do you want to know about a baby in a monster body?

Frankenstein was a baby in a monster body and he wants love, he requires a family like any one.

Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who assembled the monster from dead bodies. He looks terrible! His skin color was purple, he had oozy eyes and the bones were cracking.

Victor Frankenstein was terrified because the monster was smiling at him, but the man didn't see a smile; he saw the jawbones moving. The scientist ran out of his house. He fell more than one time, but he stood up and ran faster more than he can.

The monster was walking looking for his father and he needed to learn how to eat, how to drink just watching the animals. He came to a small town, but the people were afraid. The people of the town wanted to destroy him and an old woman threw boiling water at his face. Now he was scared of people too, but you have to read it to know the end of the story.

My Secret place...........

has always been my bedroom, anytime I was sad or in trouble, because my mom had placed me on punishment. So therefore, I was unable to go out and play. I would always take to my room, and there I would be in my own little world where I would find myself playing with all my toys and dolls. So if I got downhearted by the fact that I had no one to play with me. Here I am an adult in life, and I still find my bedroom to be my secret place in my life. It is there that I find time for me to just be still for a brief moment. It is there that when life becomes harsh, as it often times does. I take to my secret place to regroup and be with God. It is in him that I find my strength to continue on in this place called life.

* My Own House to Play *

"I don't want to leave my little house!" I cried to my mom.

My parents didn't have their own house, so we lived in a rental all my young life.
I remember one house that we had with one room to put the toys. My sister and I played in there numeruos times. Inside that room, we had big house formed by wood that we could play inside of. It was like a tree house, but it was inside. The house had a little kitchen and a dining room. It was so amazing. However we spent all the time in there.

I didn't have brothers and my dad always wanted a boy. He bought us, just toys for boys: swords, cars, bike, balls,but nothing for girls so we loved this house!

The disaster was when we moved to another house, and my mom said,"We can't keep it."
"It's not fair!" I yelled.

My sister and I cried all day, actually all week! Finally we tried to play with my dad's toys.

This is my best toy I had in my all life, I love it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

beaches and blogging

Sometimes I read what you all write about your vacations to the beaches in Mexico and other Central American countries, and I find myself daydreaming about a little cabana somewhere down south. Some place where the sun shines, the water is warm, and you can forget about your worries for awhile. Maybe I'll get there someday.

Until then, I want to teach you how to post an image from the Internet onto one of your stories. Follow the directions I'm going to give you carefully, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to "illustrate" your stories. Good luck, and as always, ask questions!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you Like Read this Small Story?

I was talking with my daughter about my classes and she asked me if she could write something for everyone in my classroom, I said let me ask my teacher, but you can write me something for me and I will put it in my journal.

This is what she wrote for every one.

Three Billy Goats Gruff wanted to cross a bridge to eat grass, but a troll did not let them.
One Billy Goat saw the troll so did the other two goats, the others were scared because the troll wanted to eat them, but Billy wasen't and ran behind the troll and pushed him into the water.

She wrote this for every one and it's very good because we are learning to write in English together.


I want to tell you about my family traditions, but really we don`t have special one. We do something very special every time when I go to visit them in Vail. I have there my mom, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. We met together at my moms house, and we eat and talk. I enjoy so much this time with my family there. Sometimes I go there for vacations and I go work with them and believe me I enjoy work because I can be talking with them. I don`t want to miss any minute without my family there. My kids love to be there too, they have cousins and they play a lot. When it is time to come back they cry a lot and I feel sad too. I miss my family, and maybe my tradition could be no one special day. It is each time when I visit them.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excellent Partner

After I got married, my life was a big change. Three years ago, my husband brought me to America. I got really hard time but he was great man, so I felt very happy about him. At the time I felt so bad when I just moved here,he helped me to be strong. He let me do everything by myself, and he pushed me to the way, "Growing up with whatever I know and I learn". That way I could know about here faster.

In 2005, two months after I moved here. He drove me to school of district 2 with some help for my English. He said, "Language is the most important for people who live here from other countries." However, he knew school is the best place to learn or study English. Again, he told me, "If I wasn't too old,I would have studied English better." And, "I would have more time for school if I hadn't working on two jobs." That's why he wanted me to speak and understand English much as I can.

After two years, I've been in Harrison school. I felt much better about English, so I just wanted to stop school right there. But my husband tried to make me continue on school. He didn't let me stop, he kept pushing me to not cut off school. However, I was so tired at work, I had too many things need to do at home that's why you know? Until now I can't come to school very often, but I am so happy with what I got. I think, "If my husband didn't help me to kept going to school, I wouldn't have understand English as good as like right now."

Thanks so much to my husband(my great partner). And thanks a lot to people and teachers working in Harrison school. I love them very, very, ... much. I will try to go to school next year again.


I miss Panama, because it is totally different to The United States of America (food, culture, traditions, holidays, music etc.). We all always were together in my Mon's house. That's the epicenter of everything in our family. I just lived with my Mon is Panama, but every day everybody came over after their jobs to stay for a while. Sometimes we discussed or fought verbally between each other when someone disagreed with another about anything. At the end of the day, all was peace and the disagreement left in the past.

The most important thing in our family, is always to keep us together in any good or bad circumstance. We spent together all our birthdays and holidays, until the death separated us.

I really miss them so much, more than any other thing in my life. Getting together with your family and laughing, talking, watching TV, eating or simply doing activities together is just the best ever.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Remembering the Past

I never had a secret place when I was a child. But I remember when I went with my friends to their house without permission. The name of my friend was Guadalupe.

After school we walked to her house for seven minutes. Her father was a carpenter and we played at the carpentry with the shavings. It was a beautiful time. Today I'm sorry for her because her parents died.

When I went back to home my mom always was scared, because she was thinking something happened to me. Some times I was running in the yard, but my mom caught me and spanked. I did it because I was always alone, my sisters lived in USA. Finally I think she was happy because I came home.

My birthday on Independence Day

My birthday is on Independence Day, so every Fourth of July is very special for me,because we are celebrating both of them. However there is one that I remember very well. It happened a few years ago,my family did a party for my birthday. Most of my relatives went and got me gifts. Within them was one very unique. It was a big box. When the time came to open the gifts and got to the big box,every body was asking me to open it. I went ahead and opened that big box, and every body was waiting to see what it was. To my surprise,when I opened it there was another box. I went to the other box,and I had to go through a few other boxes,before I got to the gift. It was a handmade belt, and it was made with two buckles. One has a bulls head on it,and the other has my name initials. This belt was a gift from one of my brothers. I still have it, and only wear it when I go to parties or some other special occasions.

About my Job

I have been at McDonald's for 2 years. I like to work with customers, because you can see how people are different. I'm a swing manager, the means I have to be looking at all the store.

Some people are so nice, and have a conversation with you. But some people they're so mean, sometimes they get mad, because the cashier took the order wrong. The customer doesn't want to pay more, because it wasn't their fault. That is the time for a manager to talk with them and fix the problem. Some people are customers for many years and we already know them.

All managers have a chance to go to Denver to the classes. In Denver is the McDonald's corporation, and they teach you how to care for this kind of customers.

I feel OK working in McDonald's. My supervisor is nice and she is so flexible with my schedule, she helps me all the time.

A Family Tradition

Every summer the Lamar County Annual Rodeo would come to town. My sister, her kids, my cousins, friends, and I - there were so many of us! We would all get together and get ready for the Annual Rodeo. The families would all dress up in our boots and our hats. My cousins would suite up the horses and off we went.

Anthony, my cousin, would always compete in the Bareback Bronc Riding competition. It was very stunning to watch. I always got very worried about him, especially when getting hurt. If Anthony couldn't stay on for 8 seconds the horse would throw him. Every once in a while we traveled with my cousin {Anthony} to another town or state like Collgate,OK and Deport, TX just to see him ride. We had a blast!

I miss those days. The Rodeo was a tradition for us. Now we are all grown up, we all have are own families and moved away.

"A Big Prank by Two Sisters"

My parents all the time they left us alone in the house because they worked in a foundry. They left just my older sister and me. However my little sister..... they took her with them.

One time my older sister told me, " My parents don't love us, just love Laura that's why they leave us alone all the time, we have to abandon this house and leave our parents alone with Laura." We planned to escape from our house, and we made the luggage and we departed. Daddy always closed the door with key. We had to jump the fence. Lizbeth my older sister jumped first. When she was on the floor, I didn't want to jump because I was scared. She told me, "You have to, because I'm on the other side." I told her "I can't!" However she went for my neighbor and she helped me to jump down the fence. Finally we were out of the house, and we stared to walked on the way to the taxi station.

My older sister and I thought we have to go at some place where our parents can't find us ever. But guest what?, we escaped to my aunt's house. That is was the first place where my parents looked for us. Anyways when we walked through the neighborhood my sister told me "When we arrived to the taxi station I'm going to make sound in my pocket with these 2 coins" (but these coins didn't have value). We thought if the taxi driver heard the coins, he was going to think that we had money to pay.

When we arrived to the taxi station, I was scared, that we were going to be kidnapped by the driver. So I told the driver, "We have to be at my aunt's house in 20 min, if not she was going to call the police." I thought if he knew this, he wouldn't kidnap us. I don't know if he thought, we were crazy or not, I don't know? However I was so scared. I was only 7 years old and my sister was 11 years old.

Finally we arrived to my aunt's house and she paid the taxi. We started to tell her the story. She was so angry with my parents. She called them and told my mom, " Do you know where your children are?" and my mom told her, "In the house why?" " Just ask". She hung up the phone. When my parents arrived to my aunt's house, we were scared. And my aunt called us. I ran to my mom crying and I told her, "It's Liz's idea, it's not my fault forgive me?" In that moment my older sister told me, " You are disloyal". I said, "I'm sorry but my mom was going to punish me." And the only one who received the punishment was my older sister.

After that day, my parents never left us alone again. However this was so amusing and I'm going to remember it all my life.
This story makes all my family laugh all the time when we remember this together.


January 05, 2005 would become one of the happiest moments of my entire life... It was then that I had my little girl. It was that Wednesday at 12:22 so special to me because I always wanted to have a girl because I thought they were so cute. When I was in the stores shopping, I looked at them with their moms in their strollers with such innocence. They were looking around smiling at every little thing that passed in front of their bright little eyes. I liked to see them. In that moment I hoped with all my heart that in the future I would have one little girl with such innocence.

One day at school I met the man who would become my husband and the father of my child. I met him. Then we were boyfriend and girlfriend. One year and a half later we decided to live together and we did. When I got pregnant four months later, I didn't know what to do because I was too young. I was just 16 years old and really wanted to finish school first rather than have a baby. That's why I was not happy at all. Sometimes bad things went through my head like not to have her. Sometimes thinking about that made me sad.

However, the day finally came when I was in the hospital and the doctor gave me her. I held that little girl in my arms with such innocence... just like when I saw those babies before in the stores. It was the best thing to feel my own little daughter in my arms. I felt her warm and gazed at her big eyes and little nose. It was so wonderful that my eyes were filled with tears and they rolled down my face. They were tears of happiness that I was living in that moment.

I felt so grateful that at last my dreams and hopes came true. I did have my own little family.

My Sweet Grandma

When I was a child. At that time, I was 5 or 6 years old. I didn't really have a special place to go. However I liked to go to grandma's house.

In her house I felt peaceful. Even if I did something wrong, she never said anything to me. That's why I liked to go to her house. By the way she was a very, very, very lovely person. She was special to me. She always had something to give me, like a candy or cookies. However, the most important thing was the love she gave me. She was so kind with her grandchildren.

When my mom started getting mad I always ran to my grandma's house. She lived close by I walked there every day. She just lived 5 minutes from our house. Then when I was 8 years old. My father made a little house on the side of our house. Where my grandparents moved, and they lived there till they past away. I miss her a lot.

I Learned the Lesson

A secret place that I escaped to when I was a child, it was a cave in front of my father's ranch. I used this cave to play and to hide when I was in trouble.

It happened a long time ago in Mexico when I was seven years old. After I finished helping my mom with some chores in the house, I ran in to the cave and played there for hours making piles of rocks and drawing figures in the walls with a stick. Of course I always carried a lamp with me.

If you think this was all, wait until I get in trouble! One day I was playing with an ax hitting a log. Then my youngest sister Ana came and asked me to give it to her. However by an accident at the same time she asked, she put her hand between the ax and the log. I cut her fingers. When I saw that, I threw the ax and ran away to hide in the cave. I remember that it happened around 11:00 AM, but I didn't come out of the cave until it was night time. Of course everybody got tired of looking for me.

Then it was dark out side and I decided to go to the house. As soon as I show myself in there, I got in trouble. My parents were worried for me but at the same time they were mad at me, because I had cut Ana's fingers. She was okay. My parents took her to the hospital, and Ana had stitches on her fingers. Believed or not, by just remembering what my parents did to me, my butt stills hurts!

Because I had fun there and it was the perfect place to hide when I was in trouble, that cave was my secret place to escape when I was a child.